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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 10, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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top stories we're following this monday morning and man is dead this morning after he was found with a woman bound and gagged and sampras's coach street. >> talks continue as a lemon fiscal cliff approaches. we'll have details on the
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president's private meeting with house speaker john bay near coming up. >> clear conditions as you head out of the door, not really any fog to talk about. of the door expect 30's and 40's in mid to upper 60s later this afternoon. looking ahead we have some big changes to talk about in the form of wet weather. before we get their let's talk about conditions now. 39 in santa rosa up 39 out the door in fairfield. a look at your afternoon highs and walking through future cast four and my next report. >> a live look at traffic headed to san francisco. we hardly had a back up at the bay bridge toll plaza, now it is stretching almost towards the end of the parking lot thanks to three separate stalls. one of the incline one that the cancer we recession in one of the
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span. they're all out of the way but there is heavier traffic into san francisco. give yourself extra time as you head into san francisco. the bid is as the lights are still off. no major hot spots. majored traffic tracker is picking up normal traffic. it is getting crowded through the altamont and to livermore. stopping the traffic all the way towards 680 as you head towards dublin. the drive time has increased to 48 minutes out of tracy into dublin. the full check of traffic coming up in just a bit. >> we're following a story where a man is that after he and one more found bound and gagged. jackie sissel is live outside of as a general with an update. >> a lot more questions coming from the san
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francisco police department. this is where both be the victims were brought last night. one of them has been pronounced dead at the hospital. here is a video for the same last night. according to sampras as the police officers around 830 last night are on the 900 block of brussels street and bay view 2 victims one male and one female were both found in the middle of the st bound and gagged. what we are told is that both victims were alive when police found them. they were transported to sam francisco general hospital there. one of the victims the mail believe to be in his 20s was pronounced dead. the other woman victim, no condition update on her so far. there are reports that she may have life-threatening injuries also. we don't even know what the injuries were. the spokesperson for the severance as the police department asked for public help. >> we are investigating this
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crime. any intimation would help. we are trying to canvass the mission to determine where the crime happened. if that happened here, or at another location and dumped here. we are trying to reach out to the community and the public if you have any information please forward it to the police department with this case. >> more questions than answers at this point. obviously they're asking for the public's health it is help it is a developing story. if we get any new information from the hospital or the police department we will pass that along. >> firefighters battled a eight big fire in san leandro earlier this morning. you can see their records here and will tran is joining us with eight update on that. >> 2 men easily could have been killed because they were driving a big rig full
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of laundry to the juvenile detention center. they ran across the power line and here is a video from about 15 minutes ago the tractor trailer is destroyed. the tires and electricity, they could of been electrocuted but these are off-duty firefighters to do this for a living as well. they jump out of the big rig and did not touch it and the ground at the same time. that would have electrocuted them. i talked to one guy and said he just jumped out as far as he could and ran away from the scene. neither man was injured but you can see what happened with the fire. it is still under investigation. the men said they drive here every week and dropped off a laundry and the low was never as low as a was this morning. >> the cell of that truck is incredible. the damage there. >> absolutely. because of what they'd do it save their
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lives. they knew not to touch the ground in the truck at the same time. they just open the door and jumped to the ground and ran from the scene. they told me they can see the electricity coming down through the big rig. >> wow! we will check back with you in a little bit. 77 year old silk mattingly was last seen around saturday night at around 5:00. he is missing from vallejo. they save mattingly and his they search the tugboat back on murray island and to give up a to go out on the water frequently. police search mattingly's but in some personal items. police did not suspect foul play and leave mattingly fell in the water. a diving was called in to do the strong currents the search has been suspended. officials plan to resume the search when conditions approved. a 14
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year-old boy recovering after being stabbed in san jose is christmas and the party >>. police say three's suspected gang members attack the same. the stepfamilies whether in a car bomb there, the in boulevard and park avenue. the boy was taken to hospital with light not life threatening injuries. police say the suspects ran away. and jack neighborhood is more in the death of a man shot in front is, over the weekend. last night friends and family of 43 year-old aaron williams came out for a candlelight vigil to remember him. police say was gunned down in front of his home in the 2300 block of banyan way after 1030 saturday night. no arrests have been made in the case. >> three weeks until the fiscal cliff and president obama and house speaker john banner and at a private meeting at the white house
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yesterday to discuss the deal. the president and the speaker refuses think about the details of the meeting and some republicans are now putting increased pressure on party leaders to rethink opposition to tax hikes on the wealthy of taking get entitlements cuts in return. many house republicans refused report tax hikes under any circumstances. democrats of is rushing through entitlement reforms you for the end of the year. >> watching some stalls, several on the bay bridge we will have more on weather and traffic coming up.
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>> the opening bell on wall street is about 20 minutes away. looming fiscal crisis on the market today. we did better than we did expect it from mcdonald's this morning. rob black will be coming up at 645. the dow futures point to a lower opening this morning. >> men and women have equal footing in the nation's economic recovery according to the latest numbers from the labor department. the biggest numbers for men have been for vessel jobs in factory work and for women in their biggest gains have been an education and health care. according to house all
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day the men had a 7.9 percent unemployment rate in november when women had 7.6. if your >> if you're wondering what happened to those as a grim photos were trying a share on twitter you are not alone. twitter says is the gramm has disabled total integration with a social network site. but ostensibly share from as the gramm via a direct link on twitter but the final is not visible on the tweet like before. as the gramm ceo says the company wants to build a bigger web presses by having voters vote users to view photos directly threatens to gramm's site. as the rams acquired earlier this year for $1 million by face by facebook. a cable-tv subscribers may have to read more cable boxes. a federal rule change today will allow cable companies to scramble all of their programming including local broadcast and public stations. the cable companies say this will allow them to reduce
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staff there and people from watching programs in paid for and improve customer service. the federal commission's communications commission had prohibited the encryption of basic cable since 1994 and october the commission allowed voted to allow it. today is expected to be >> today as is the to the report record breaker for fedex despite an economy that continues to struggle. a spokesperson was that access the they're expecting about 10 percent increase over last year between thanksgiving and christmas. today 90 million packages a logo for the international network and the company points to the commerce as a reason for increase. the busiest day for ups is projected to be december 22nd. the company also credits the cameras as a reason for expected 6% increase in business. >> this is a great weather shot from our mt. tam cam. it is shaking from the win but it will be another gorgeous day like yesterday.
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something unusual has been set spotted along the to the chinook salmon swimming and this youtube video. this this was bowe's first spotted in court and this is great on monday. salmon is normally 2 ft. long and the
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fish is believed to be female who got lost on her way to spawn. there have been no male fish spot and nearby so no eggs laid it will be hatched. >> we're seeing clear conditions as the wake up this morning. here's a live shot from our roof cam in downtown san francisco. no complaints is a bit cold upper 30s in fairfield and santa rosa. we're also seeing some 44 vallejo concord and antioch. oakland is coming in at 60 degrees. we applied the spread of numbers right now and into the afternoon everyone will climb into the mid to upper 60s. high pressure is still in control, a clear conditions and mainly sunny skies expected fare fell as expected it 60 degrees and 64 muckrake. at least another day of mid to upper 60s here. downtown sampras's the 65 degrees and 66 expected in oakland. high
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pressure in control for right now and it is pushing the storm track well to our north. we are tracking a system and an area of low pressure that would drop down from the gulf of alaska. a lot of cool arctic air is headed to the bay area and of course we have the potential for some rain. future cast four is set for a 11:00 p.m. tuesday night and the rain band is making its way closer to the bay area. we will see mainly cloudy skies, not too much moisture but it looks like as we wake up wednesday morning light rain is expected for most. i don't think we will see to much rain with the system may be a quarter of an end to a half an inch of rain. will start to drag things out thursday afternoon. friday mainly clear conditions with a mix of sun and clouds. more wet weather is on the way as we head into saturday and sunday. >> traffic cadences sampras's go as you can see the the price of the bay bridge toll plaza continues to grow. to soften the 5:00
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hour and now a third stall westbound at treasure island. is blocking the left lane. bridge crews there heading out to the scene and then turn the lights on. it is stretching to the 880 over crossing not quite into the oakland a's but no major problems or accidents. three's dolls cost this back up as you head into san francisco. if this is your commute direction give yourself extra time the drive time is now 12 minutes from the oakland a's to the toll plaza head towards downtown. alternates that you can't get into san francisco 92 is a good way the cemetery ridge has no problems there. traffic is so light in both directions from the nimitz freeway. the ride across the golden gate bridge has been trouble free throughout the morning and about a 21 minute drive time from about no and to downtown san francisco. no major problems showing on the traffic that's just regular slow commute traffic. drive times have
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not doubled in the last 30 minutes at we're up to an hour and 30 minutes from tracy to dublin. no problems or hot spots is heavy slow commute traffic. >> sentencing is scheduled today for giselle as the bout. this is video of her in court. she was convicted of murdering nursing student michelle lei back in may of last year. the fbi set found about 300 internet searches for leas name found on as the bonds computer. she was arrested after dna and cell phone records winter to the murder. investigators say as the bomb blame is laid for ruining her relationship with her daughter's father. is believe that both women were interested in the same man. order open plays have
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voted to ratify a four year contract agreement reached after 24 hours strike last month that disrupted port operations. the tentative agreement it agreement includes a cost-of-living raise over the next two years. a sighting of is also for each employee. the two sides of the bargaining unsuccessfully since july 200011. there will not be voting >> they will not be voting on the sutter health $2 billion hospital project in san francisco any time soon. the board of supervisors have pressed on the vote until next year. the proposal to build the 555 bed hospital of van ness ave hit a roadblock when naso could not commit to keeping st. louis hospital open the vote for the hospital project was good for tomorrow. >> a surveillance pictures of two women police they're using a stolen credit card from sausalito. the two women were recorded by two separate security cameras in
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mill valley on october 31st. there lassie in an east like the lcd a store and that chevron redwood frontage road. the question of whether to allow pages to grow medical marijuana outdoors in concord is headed to the city council. tomorrow city council members will decide whether to allow patients to grow medical marijuana outdoors are bad at citywide. in 2005 the city banned medical marijuana does the answer is that the organs did not address outdoor cultivation. there next year is out severance is the police will be keeping a close eye on repeat the why of offenders. as part of a private pilot program to ensure safety on the roadways. the program is a partnership between the police the dmv and the california office of traffic safety. >> the meeting that williams has been arrested on and getting them on a felony warrant related to a police chase. police say williams
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was driving a 3 wheel motorcycle where she is the pullover after being spotted driving on a downtown sacramento sidewalk last month. police say williams nearly had five people with a motorcycle. >> we have a great day on tap for later on today. the weekend will be just like that. we will be right back. you won't take my life.
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you won't take our future. aids affects us all. even babies. chevron is working to stop mother-to-child transmission. our employees and their families are part of the fight. and we're winning. at chevron nigeria, we haven't had a reported case in 12 years. aids is strong. aids is strong. but we are stronger. and aids... ♪ aids is going to lose. aids is going to lose. ♪
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2 colorado university students are facing multiple felony charges. campus police say the fed marijuana laced brownies to their unsuspecting classmates and instructor. police said the brownie's of the two cities since seven students in the class and three went to the hospital including their professor. school officials say the act was a lapse of judgment on the suit is part and not about the looming legalization allowing small amounts of marijuana. >> on the latest count as a number of homeless people say about the same between january of 2011 and january of 2012. the housing and urban development department says the sluggish economy has some wet countered an effort to house the homeless. the number being around 633,000 people. the percentage of hamas and that's as well as those of us for more than a year each drop by about 7%. the obama administration has set a goal of eliminating veterans
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homelessness and chronic, says by the end of 2015. >> coastal communities destroy the super storm sandy are rushing to rebuild their boardwalks in time for next summer. there and raise the finished by the end of may to retain torras money they will need next year. seaside heights new jersey is about 75% of its budget from tourism. towns like bellmawr address their spending about $20 million to rebuild its boardwalk. michael bloomberg wet snow new wooden boardwalk to be built. he favors concrete boardwalks which are more durable. >> we're just a few minutes away from the opening bell ringing on wall street. let's take a peek at the trading floor as we wait. we will be right back.
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opening bell on wall street
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on this monday morning. looks like we have made down day to early trading. the dow was down 22 points ahead of the opening bell. rob black will be coming up here about 15 minutes. >> good morning, this guy is starting to braden and you concede the winds in the higher elevations. we do have at some temperatures in the upper 30's. that is reserved for the north bay as we push into the afternoon expect mid to upper 60s. we will continue as a drag dry as we head into tomorrow and it is just a bit cooler. low pressure will move into the bay area and satellite and radar shows clear conditions for now. dry conditions as set out the door. big changes to talk about as we had in closer to wednesday. full details on what to expect coming up in my next report. >> we have a hot spot and that is the bay bridge.
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traffic is not looking good headed into san francisco thanks to three stalls. we had to stalls and the 5:00 hour both out of the way. we have a third stall westbound at treasure island. it is still blocking the left lane and bridge crews are working trying to get out of the way. the damage is done in traffic is backed up through the incline and the toll plaza. it stretches to the 880 over crossing and as quickly backing up into the open maze which is also getting slow for your ride on the east shore freeway. the bay bridge is a a slow spot for you. if you're looking for an alternate highway 92 will get you over to the peninsula and into san francisco much faster. traffic maps show no problems but it is a slow commute on two 05 margin from 580 through the of the mob. the drive time is still an hour and 50 minutes out of tracy and to dublin. give yourself extra time. >> one man has died after 2
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people were found bound and gagged in the middle this baby district street last night. there is video of the same. the victims of man and woman were found around 83900 block of brussels street. both were taken to a local hospital with life- threatening injuries. officials say the man died just before midnight. the investigation is ongoing. >> we are investigating this crime and any information will help. we are trying to canvass the area to determine where this crime have been. we are trying to reach out to the community and public to see if they have need affirmation for the police apartment that will help with this case. >> police are not releasing the identification of who the victims are. it was meant woman's condition remains unknown. >> authorities have confirmed a fifth death in
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the shooting of tribal members on an indian reservation. tulare county sheriff's deputies say and eight year-old girl was among four family members killed by her father. she is identified as a less us a leg up. of 30's a 31 year- old hector solera also killed his mother and her two brothers while wounding her brother and sister. he then died out with a shoot out with the police. authorities have not disclose what motivated him to kill his relatives who live on its two labor indian reservation. tribal members say he had a troubled past. a deadly at a deadly offers are mall shooting of a graduate student at california state university sambar in the know. campus police resigned as a complaint saturday night when an off-campus storm when they say 38 euro grants to became aggressive with police. police say a physical altercation broke out and that's when they opened fire for fearing for their safety. >> northbound caltrans
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tracks in san francisco have reopened after a car that was sitting on the tracks was struck by a train. his videos from a seen as 24 7:00. noll was injured when the train struck the empty car at 530 near the intersection of mississippi and 16 st noel was in sight. no one was inside the car at the time of the accident. it caltrans only operates on an hourly service at this time on sundays. the delays are minimal. there's still no word on how car and up on the tracks. >> software company founder john mcafee says he was to return to the united states and " settle down to whatever normal life he can. the 67 year-old is currently in a while modern a detention center where he is fighting a government order that he be returned to believes. police employees want to question mcafee and the fatal shooting of american who lived near mcafee some and bellies. mcafee went on the run last
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month after believe cn officials tried to question about killing of his neighbor. mcafee denies involvement in the killing. the attorney of a southern california tears suspect is testing authorities handling of his client. so we'll market beer and had injuries on his face and head when he was turned over by the fbi the u.s. military says those afghanistan. attorney geoffrey aaron says kabir arrived in california last week and had a broken facial bone, lacerations and was suffering from memory loss. president >> president obama will accept unlimited sums of corporate money to pay for his inauguration. a spokeswoman for the presidential inaugural committee says it would set cash from companies and individuals to underwrite the costs of the weekend festivities surrounding his second inauguration next month. my big money from lobbyists political action committees or foreign donors
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will not be accepted. obama had bad corporate donors for his 2009 inauguration and for the 2012 democratic national convention in charlotte n.c. last september. the average price of gas has dropped nearly 10¢ over the past three weeks. here's a look at the bay area gas prices. according to the triple a of the state average right now in california is $3.60 for regular gallon of gas. and sampras is the average is $3.70. and all glenn the price is $3.58 and in san jose be averaged is sitting at $3.57 a gallon. >> live 49 hours get back on track of a playoff plus. they won the game yesterday 27 to 13. collin kaepernick threw for 185 yds and no interception and ran for a late 50 yd touchdown. frank
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dore reached a thousand yards for the sixth time. the niners will now face the new eaton patriots next sunday at 520. >> if you like to turn out a shopping until last minute marathon macy's were you can go to any hour of the day. they will be open for non stop shopping the last entire weekend before christmas. stores will open at 7:00 a.m. on friday december 21st and stay open until 7:00 a.m. on sunday december 23rd. when cecil sales of the marathon will end the morning of macy's says many stores will remain open until midnight. the company has tried out extended stopping hours in past years but this is the first time all 800 macy's
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nationwide will participate. >> you have a parking spot when you go macy's into the morning. all live look at what a beautiful view here from our mt. tam cam.
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former republican can't presidential candidate mid rockne is topping this year's best " lists according to the l t university librarian. french imperial shapiro released the seven and a less with the most mobile quotations of the year. the top of the last minute romney's comments of the 47 percent of the population depending on the government. romney made the comment at a private fund-raiser and a that was secretly recorded and posted on line in september by mother jones
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magazine. no. 2 as romney again with the binders of women, and he made during the second presidential debate and have said the york. president obama takes the no. 3 and 4 spot saying at a campaign appearance " somebody and vested in roads and bridges. have you got a business you didn't build that. the fourth best " also comes from obama saying please proceed governor during a presidential debate when he and romney were our gang weather and soviet attack was an act of terrorism. coming and that ninth comes from the south korean rapper and pop stars side. it was my role on youtube with 900 million heads. >> the overall australian but also had a hoax phone call to the british hospital
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where kate nelson was staying say they were in tears and shattered after learning that the nurse who is due by 8 there prank had committed suicide. radio deejays millbrae and michael christian have a sore right our rage over the hoax. they spoke publicly about the brain for the first time in a televised interview. then there is the answer the phone last week when they called impersonating quayle is that the second and prince charles. they received a of broadcast of confidence show ever mission about duchess' medical condition. the nurse died three days later they believed it was that stress from the prank that later role and are killing herself. is 642 and let's take a live outside right now. the morning commute from san jose is on there and looking pretty good from the 1 01 northbound.
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watching wall street the dow was up 14 and 1/2 points and 13,170. rob black is joining us now talking about the fiscal cliff. a lot of strong words coming out of europe from the prime minister saying how disastrous it would be if we went off the fiscal cliff. >> i would rather see a compromise in getting it done right. clearly politicians and are ready to do a deal right. we see no inflation out of china and good growth out of china. that is a positive. the-is kicking out mario munsey who has been received well by wall street. >> mcdonald's have their
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quarterly numbers coming out in the stock did really well during a recession. it went up over a hundred and now it is about $90 a share. pretty good numbers for them. >> i'm loving it. apple has done well and is going to the end the year with the fiscal cliff with the tax increase issues. mcdonald's not so much. their sales are up 2.4%. then about 14,100 stores and united states. they did surprisingly well with the chatter on and bacon sandwich. the keep innovating products. i know you're saying tedder bacon and onion is not innovative and someone who is walking into mcdowell said does not watch television can see that they get a soda for a dollar. this will hurt other competitors. mcdonald's is for a long-term patient investor. not for someone
6:49 am
with diabetes ends not for some with cholesterol. >> facebook is down to 19. they have had a nice run. this whole thing with is the gramm and twitter and people on twitter are really upset that there is the gramm pictures are no longer showing up inside twitter. is this in the face with a bid to curb the competition? >> it's kind of like a fight. facebook owns and said gramm and imagine he has p.m. being shown on television for free. it is not going happen. and saddam will not be on twitter anymore. these two big companies are shooting each other. they're saying what we're not giving you free coverage and your not give free content. it makes sense. if twitter were to say on when to run an article on the new york
6:50 am
times they will say no you're not you can link but there's no chance you're getting your own. >> see like facebook know? they're gonna be at $38 stock >> you put a gun to my head. if i were to hold facebook for 10 years you would do very well. unfortunately a lot like relationships when you figure out there are bumps in the road. their bombs and the road ahead for facebook. i like it at 25 i love at 20 i don't like it so much at 3035. >> 649 and we want to get a full look at the weather this monday morning as the star of the work week. >> we will take an outside source out of the bay bridge toll plaza. sky conditions are looking pretty clear as you step outside the door. because of clear skies we're not intending to much with cloud cover our fog.
6:51 am
temperatures are a bit cooler and the north bay. 46 and vallejo and '50s along the coast and redwood city. 53 of the door in sunnyvale. afternoon highs we're talking mid to upper 60s. 66 for oakland and hayward and 55 in fremont. we have changes to talk about and high-pressure is in control right now. we're seeing mainly clear skies around the bay and the low pressure system will drop down from the gulf of alaska bringing cool air filtering into the bay area. future cast four is set up for 11:00 tomorrow night. you did see the rain band approaching the bay area. cloud cover is an issue with this system and that wednesday morning the most of the bay area will be experiencing light rain. that will continue for most of wednesday stretching into thursday. 7 day around the bay shows that as we head into friday mainly dry
6:52 am
conditions and a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures was to be in the cooler side with your afternoon high stopping in the mid-50s. saturday and sunday another system one with a lot more moisture. we could see heavier rain comes saturday night stretching in the sunday morning. there is a possibility that rain will stick to the north. it is something we will continue to monitor on kron4. 6:51 a.m. and let's check traffic with robin >> good morning let's the get traffic coming into san francisco. the drive time has double to three earlier stall spirit once saw clear about 50 minutes ago westbound. one of the incline one at treasure island. i of the way but let's look at what it is done to your commute and 27 cisco. the back up to the over crossing as stretching into the maze and on to the
6:53 am
east shore freeway. 25 minutes from the open maze into downtown san francisco. an alternate to get to 1 01 are into the city hop over to 92 if you have access from the nimitz freeway. so far doing just fine but there is a heavier buying the traffic at westbound from the nimitz. it is trouble-free and moving much faster than the bay bridge toll plaza. the golden gate bridge is doing just fine even with heavier volume of traffic now headed south. nothing to slow you down on the span. if you are a north bay commuter and your traveling on southbound 1 01 give yourself extra time. is crawling from east washington to sustain the up. the drive for the southbound 1 01 and sentenced rose and to about the drive time 50 minutes. >> 6:52 a.m. is a time at a
6:54 am
private college president's salary continue to go up. this according to latest survey of the chronicle of higher education a number is crossing the one million- dollar barrier. the latest annual compilation from 2010 shows median compensation for the 494 presidents and the survey was over $396,000. 2.8% higher than in last year's survey. the highest-paid was bob kerrey who was president of the new school and the york and sold december 2010. the bay area's there waiting in the new year is coming up. it will do most spectacular fireworks party hosted by catherine heenan and gary radnich we will be right back.
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